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SFTP "password" authentication not accepting password

Hi team
just reading through some of your other responses some good tips there - thx.

Trying to open a connection to our sftp server using "password" authentication but finding the connection does not accept our password initally.
connection steps:
1. The connection tries the "password" - fails,
2. Drops to key board interactive 
3. re-enter the same password contained in attempt 1, where it then connects successfully.

Is there a functionality to force or over ride this using a command? or use an answer file?

The example below uses a profile, but same issue happens when i use the command i.e
sftpc user@server.com -pw=password

Bitvise Tunnelier 4.40 - sftpc - free for individual use only, see EULA
Copyright (C) 2000-2011 by Bitvise Limited.
Portions Copyright (C) 1995-2003 by Wei Dai.

Connecting to SSH2 server m.com:22.
Starting first key exchange.
Server version string: SSH-2.0-Sun_SSH_1.1.3
New host key received. Algorithm: ssh-rsa, Size: 1024 bits, MD5 Fingerprint: 54:
5a:ec:5d:f0:15:59:ce:bf:e5:5e:21:96:bb:24:0f, Bubble-Babble: xomez-fusuh-pimus-s
First key exchange completed.
Key exchange: diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1. Session encryption:
aes256-ctr, MAC: hmac-sha1, compression: none.
Attempting 'password' authentication.
Warning: Authentication failed. Remaining authentication methods: 'publickey,key

----- User Authentication ----------

Connecting to: m.com:22

Username: Sftptest

1) publickey - slot 1
k) keyboard-interactive
  ks) specify submethods
c) cancel

Method (k - default): k

Attempting 'keyboard-interactive' authentication.
Info request has been received.

Press [Esc] for more authentication choices.

Enter Local Unix Password:

Attempting 'keyboard-interactive' authentication. Sending info response.
Authentication completed.
Opening SFTP session...
SFTP opened successfully.
Using SFTP version 3.


Daniel Costa
Thursday, August 18, 2011
Hello Daniel,

what you're running into is a "security feature" on the server, and is intended specifically to prevent you from logging in with a pre-recorded password as you would like.

If you have access to the server's configuration, enable password authentication in its configuration files. For example, if you see a line like this:

PasswordAuthentication no

change it to "yes".

If you don't have access to the server, I recommend setting up public key authentication. This would involve you generating a private key in Tunnelier's User keypair manager. You would export the public key portion of the keypair to a file in OpenSSH format. Then you would connect to the server using SFTP, and place the public key in your "~/.ssh" directory as a file named "authorized_keys". If you do not have access to do this via SFTP, you would need to contact the server's administrator to place the public key there for you.

I'm sorry that Tunnelier does not support an answer file for keyboard-interactive authentication. This is mainly because the keyboard-interactive method is meant to be interactive. If the server doesn't support password authentication, we feel that this needs to be resolved at the server side.
denis bider
Thursday, August 18, 2011

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