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Tunnelier and HTTP Proxy called Privoxy


Is there anyway to configure Tunnelier to work with HTTP Proxy called Privoxy.  I edit Privoxy to listen to and enabled SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwarding to listen to and after authentication completed.  I get SSH_DISCONNECT_BY_APPLICATION

methods: 'none,publickey,password,keyboard-interactive'.
15:36:59.031 Attempting 'publickey' authentication. Using keypair at slot 1.
15:36:59.203 Authentication completed.
15:36:59.484 Session terminated on client's behalf:
Listening for SOCKS / HTTP CONNECT proxy connections on failed. bind() failed: Windows error 10048: Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted.

Thanks in advance
Thursday, December 01, 2005

you should not configure Privoxy and Tunnelier's SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwarding to listen on the same (interface and) port. Tunnelier fails to bind its SOCKS/HTTP Proxy, because the interface:port is already taken by the Privoxy. Privoxy and Tunnelier's SOCKS/HTTP Proxy Forwarding are serving for rather unrelated purposes.

If you want to configure Tunnelier to connect through a proxy server (e.g. Privoxy), then follow the Proxy Settings link in Tunnelier - Login - Server. Is that not what you are trying to achieve?

I found the following info on the Privoxy's web page:---- Quote: ----
Privoxy only allows HTTP CONNECT requests to port 443 (the standard, secure HTTPS port).
Therefore, Tunnelier will only be able to connect to port 443 (SSH server listening on port 443) when using the Privoxy. For more info on that, you should contact the Privoxy support.

Andrej Andolsek
Thursday, December 01, 2005
Hi Andrej,

Based on your finding I was able to get Tunnelier to work with Privoxy.... 

I change the ssh port to 443 and setup Tunnelier - Login - Server and voila.... 

Thanks again for all your help
Friday, December 02, 2005

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