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    (Closed) 40 unique argumentative essay topics that are easy to write on

    An argumentative essay is a piece of writing in which the writer takes a stance on a specific topic or issue. The main purpose of such an essay is to persuade the reader by providing evidence and support for your stance on the issue. An example of this could be that if I believe abortion should be illegal in society I will write my essay accordingly and provide evidence for my opinion.

    Evidence is the most important part of this essay and the writer should always try to choose such a topic on which it is easier for them to gather evidence for the claims they make in their argumentative essay. An argumentative essay is usually written by students from school and college level. They need to understand the purpose of writing this type of essay and follow the format to write a quality essay for the audience.

    Most of the time the essay writer has the freedom to write either for or against the topic. In recent times the trend of essay writing services has allowed students to get their work done within hours.  They just have to place an order and tell the website to write essay for me and their assignment is completed within a few hours. 

    40 Unique argumentative essay topics include:


     Should healthcare be free for all? What is your take on this topic?

    In the modern world, women are still deprived of their rights in many countries across the globe? What do you think about this statement?

    The state should not be judging people based on their religion. Do you support this statement?

    All lifesaving procedures should be made free all across the United States. What do you think?

    Organ transplant should be allowed to only those patients who have to live a healthier lifestyle. Do you agree?

    Should social media be allowed to spread news regarding the new medical procedures all around the world?

    The selling of all dangerous medicines should only be allowed through licensed medical shops. Do you agree with the statement?

    The national healthcare system should include alternative forms of therapies. What is your opinion?


    Sometimes the professional college essay writer are given the freedom to choose a topic for themselves and sometimes the client provides the topic and the stance which should be taken on it.

    Should doctors be the main source for providing information regarding a healthy lifestyle to the public?

    Will it be possible to cure diseases like diabetes and aids in the future?

    The use of stem cell technology should be increased to cure cancer easily. Do you agree?

    Has globalization positively impacted the world?

    Is denuclearization the only way to make the world free of wars?

    What do you think about the increasing mass production of weapons in the world when every leader is emphasizing promoting peace?

    Higher education should be the right of all humans regardless of their financial status. What do you think about this statement?

    Should tourist visas to all countries be on arrival for everyone?


    Will China lead the world economy in the next decade?

    Should birth pills be allowed for teens?

    Does decreasing the use of social media the only solution to control increasing mental health problems in society?

    Will the world be able to protect itself from another pandemic after the experience from covid-19?

    Is technology the biggest achievement of mankind?

    Testing of drugs on animals should be banned. What is your view?

    Has Covid-19 changed the process of the healthcare system?

    Should uninsured people be given the same healthcare facilities?

    Should medical facilities in the US be free for all tourists?

    Should parents be allowed to modify their newborn babies?

    Is the father the most important component of a family? Do you agree?

    Is climate change the biggest problem for the current generation?

    Abolishing the school uniform will make the students feel more comfortable. Is this statement true?

    Should sex education be given from the early years of a child?

    Should monopolies be allowed in the market?

    The idea of unpaid internships should be abolished. Do you agree?

    Is legalizing sex work a good idea?

    Should the death penalty be legalized for severe crimes?

    Should animals be kept as ESA’s?

    Should voter registration be automatic so no fake votes could be registered?

    Should suicide be made legal?


    Should doctors be allowed to promote medicines?

    Bringing religious clubs to schools could increase the awareness of people regarding different religions. Do you agree?

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